All Day I Dream / Anjunadeep / Rubicunda / Shanti

Amonita is a dreamy fairy, DJ and musician, in whom beauty, harmony and aesthetics are represented at all levels.

Starting this project in 2017, Amonita moves with a musical mission, creating magical melodies which make you fall in love with them forever from the first sight. The interweaving of live instruments and streams of inspiring energy immerse you in a light atmosphere, and the integrity of her performances, and the way ideas flow smoothly into each other, cause a special delight. Her musical plots, transfer to another dimension and provide complete immersion in the world of dance. Carefully, but incredibly accurately, Amonita uses sounds of nature, chords of musical instruments and rhythms of electronics in her melodies. Her creative style is quite recognizable and unlike any other. The success of her compositions is not accidental: working very hard on musical rhythms in and out of the studio, Amonita quickly found her place in the kingdom of electronic music, while receiving support from many musicians.

Today, her tracks storm the top positions in the charts and the most famous music stores.

Amonita works with such labels as: All Day I Dream, Anjunadeep, Shanti Radio Moscow, Peace Symphonies and tours at their showcases all over the world.

In the middle of 2021, Amonita and Makebo launched the Rubicunda music label and started organizing their showcases.