Lost Desert

All Day I Dream | Bedrock | Hoomidaas | Satya | Souksonic

"In a place of solitude sat a man. His studio a sanctuary. Time weathered many a landscape on his journey while his soundscapes were created and practices honed. During his time alone he crafted his sound. As he travelled towards us he always listened very carefully. Absorbing and capturing all the noises and wonderful vibrations around him. He found that music exists in almost everything if you listen closely enough. From grains of sand sweeping against the salt pillars of the White Desert to birds returning from the skies above their inner cities. These sounds became textures and details in each musical expression. Now, as they meld in to one, they magically paint pictures behind listeners closed eyes. Lost Desert is a destination full of mystery. Ready to charm those who find their way."

- Lee Burrdige